So, with the holidays happening are you finding the need to escape those around you into the comfort of your phone?

Here are some fantastic games that you can play on your phone right now - and they don't require downloading apps or software.

Let's play!


This is the game that's taken the world by storm over the last couple of years. Reportedly, the New York Times paid the developed of the game over $1 Million for the rights to the game.

The idea is pretty simple. You have to guess a 5-letter word. There's a new word each day. To get started you just type in a word. If you get any letters correct, they turn yellow. If you get any letters correct AND in the right spot, they turn green. You have 6 tries.

Play Wordle once per day. The new days starts at midnight. (I'm betting a lot of people stay up or wake up to guess the Wordle. Play it here.

2. Quordle.

It's like Wordle's big brother.

Quordle features four different words, but you're trying to guess them all at the same time. When you type in a word, it fills in the panels for each word. While you're technically guessing all four at once, you are really guessing one at a time.

Hurry, there's only a limited number of guesses!

Play Quordle here.

3. Nerdle.

Ok, this is like Wordle, but with numbers. Kind of.

You don't need to be exceptionally good at math. What you need to be is good at guessing at math.

Instead of typing in letters, you type in numbers, trying to guess what the day's math equation is. Again, it's like Wordle, but with numbers.

Your math equation must "work out" and you have six tries.  A lot of people find this tough and frustrating and don't come back for a second day.

Play Nerdle here.

4. Waffle

I guess you could say this is a Wordle-inspired crossword puzzle.

You have to move the letters around until you make words going in each direction. Again, you have a limited amount of moves.

Play Waffle here.

5. Contexto

This is my new favorite game, and it might be the most challenging yet.

You have to guess a word. That's it. Guess the word. There are no clues and no limit on how many letters are in the word.

The only help you get is that when you guess a word, you get a score for that word that has to do with the context of your word and how close it is to the secret word. Think of it as a "you're getting hotter" kind of thing. It's pretty wild and can be quite frustrating!

Play Contexto here.

Again, none of these games require downloading anything. Just log in and play. Waffle and Contexto actually give you the chance to go back and play previous games, which is certainly a time waster!

What games are you playing on your phone?

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