Ahead of Alan Jackson's daughter Ali's 2020 wedding, the country legend found himself compelled to write a song.

"I wasn't trying to write [it]. It just kind of came out," the singer shares with Billboard. "I wrote it and they said, 'Let's do a little recording and we'll play it at Ali's reception.'"

Thanks to Jackson's new album, Where Have You Gone, his fans will now be able to play the song -- titled "I Do" -- at their own weddings. It's one of two the artist wrote for his daughters that appear on the record.

"I Do" is written from the perspective of a man who has found the woman he wants to spend his life with. Each verse, which progresses through their relationship, ends with the same vows, professed by the woman and affirmed by the man: "I'll be with you / I'll stay with you / I'll love you all of my days / I'll walk with you through life / I'll dance with you / I hope you feel the way that I do."

Where Have You Gone, released on Friday (May 14), also includes "You'll Always Be My Baby," the first song Jackson wrote for his daughters' weddings. He penned the song ahead of his daughter Mattie's 2017 wedding, at her request; at the time, he says, "I told all three of [my daughters], ‘Look, you all three are going to have to use this song, I don’t want to have to write three of them.’" (Jackson and his wife Denise's youngest daughter is named Dani.)

Jackson's family is all over this album, in fact: It also includes a song inspired by his late mother. The singer wrote "Where Her Heart Has Always Been" for his mom's funeral, and it features an old recording of her reading from the Bible.

Where Have You Gone is Jackson's first new album since Angels & Alcohol in 2015.

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