Allie Colleen has significant musical shoes to fill: She's the child of Garth Brooks and grew up with both the influence of her superstar dad and his equally talented country star wife, Trisha YearwoodHowever, Colleen is her own type of performer, who's figuring out her career one step at a time and wants to be judged on her own merit.

That's the spirit behind her new song, "Work in Progress." Read on to learn the story behind the song -- and why Colleen wanted it to be the song that introduced her to country listeners -- as told in the artist's own words.

"Work in Progress" was a staple introduction for us. Because, again, if I ever felt the weight of expectations because of being somebody's daughter ...

I was lucky enough to do a couple shows with my parents, and so a lot of people think that I got out of high school and went on tour with my dad. And I didn't do that: I went to school, got a degree, all those things. But I think, for the first time ever, I felt that pressure of, "What's so-and-so's daughter been doing in this time off? What's she gonna come out with?"

I felt like "Work in Progress" was a great thing to come out with for me, because I'm doing this on my own; I'm not doing it with my parents. As good of mentors as I have, who have been in this industry for a very long time, I'm figuring everything out day by day, and I wanted that to be the very first thing you know about Allie Colleen, is that she is a hard work in progress. She doesn't have it figured out.

So it was really cool to do that ... and the feedback has been that people's children wanna listen to it and people's grandparents wanna listen to it. Hearing a woman that's 72 years old think she's still a work in progress -- I think that's so cool.

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