Have you ever gone to a tag sale, flea market or estate sale hoping to find that overlooked, long lost gem that is worth a ton of money today? I think that nostalgia and that rare find are the main reasons we explore other people's stuff and there are some that have turned it into big business.

The History Channel show American Pickers revolves around the adventures of the pickers hit the road in search of these forgotten pieces and it could be anything from furniture to antique signs to automobiles. You never know what they will find on the back roads of America. Now American pickers have plans to come back to New York State. Capital Region?

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According to the Got a Pick Facebook page, American Pickers are looking for hidden treasures in New York State! The cast and crew of the History Channel show will be hitting the road this August and if you have a special collection, they just might want to visit you!

The television show will also be shooting episodes in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. If you have something to offer let's see if we can get them to your house! Here's what you do. You can either call them at 646-493-2184 or email them at ‬americanpickers@cineflix.com.

How do you know if you have an item, or items, that they would be interested in? You never really know but I can tell you that they are only interested in private collections, no stores.

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