Betty Reed's new single "Happy" sounds upbeat and empowering — and it is, but with a twist. The singer-songwriter penned the song about living with depression, as a reminder that those emotions and moments will not last forever.

"One of the things I’ve learned (thanks to my wonderful therapist) is that it’s important to convince yourself that this state is only temporary and the good days will come back around," explains Reed. "As I say in the song: 'I know I can be happy / Take a lap and I'll be back, you’ll see.'"

Indeed, that optimistic outlook bubbles throughout the peppy song — even when Reed confesses in the verses that she has trouble opening her heart to people, "do[esn't] know why I am this way" and "sometimes ... feel[s] like a tragic display" — thanks to its melody. Steel guitar and background piano line take a backseat to a steady drumbeat and bright electric guitar that keep Reed moving toward brighter days.

"Most people think that depression is mainly about sadness," Reed says, "but it’s actually about feeling numb and paralyzed, with this below-the-surface feeling of dread … that there is a warped wrongness to everything that you can’t put your finger on, so it’s both overwhelming and elusive."

"Happy" comes from Reed's to-be-released EP Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned. The Berklee College of Music graduate worked with producer Bill McDermott on the project, which is set for release on Sept. 3; she's already released "Karma" and "Misunderstood" from the EP.

"Happy" is due out widely on Friday (Aug. 13) and available to pre-save now. Fans can keep up with Reed at

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