By all accounts, Spiediefest 2021 at Otsiningo Park was a success. Many people I talked to seemed to enjoy having it in October instead of August. One of the things that I heard was that the balloons weren't able to get into the air because of the wind. There is nothing that Spiediefest can do about that.

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The other thing that Spiediefest had NO control over was the Billy Currington show. He was scheduled to perform on Saturday, October 9th, and shortly before he was to take the stage, we found out that he was having voice issues and was on vocal rest.

We were told to hang onto our tickets and wait for an announcement about a rescheduled Billy Currington show. The wait is over.

Billy Currington Binghamton Concert Announcement

This is from Spiediefest, in regards to the Billy Currington show.

After trying to work with the Billy Currington Team on a new date, we feel that it is time to refund those of you that bought tickets to the Currington show. Here is how to refund your ticket:

Option 1 - If you bought it at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena Box office, please return it there.

Option 2 - If you bought it on, they will refund it automatically.

Option 3 - If you bought your tickets at Wegmans or at the North or South Gate, please mail the ticket (s) to Spiedie Fest at PO Box 275, Binghamton, NY 13901. DO NOT go to Wegmans Service Desk for your refund. Specify on the ticket where you purchased it and where and who to send the refund check.

Spiediefest goes on to say that they are truly sorry that they could not bring him back to perform for Broome County. They thank you for your understanding and they look forward to 2022.

Once again, Spiediefest had NO control over the Billy Currington show. Here's some good news to pass along. Spiediefest is bringing back the Broome County Festival of Lights at Otsiningo Park this year. It'll kick off later this month and they are adding more displays along with many fireworks shows.

To get you ready for the Broome County Festival of Lights, check out some of the displays from last year.

Broome County Festival Of Lights Displays

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