Earlier today, a short list of the possible directors for 'Bond 24' was released. It missed a name. Sam Mendes, who helmed 'Skyfall,' is now back in the running to take on the next James Bond adventure.

Deadline is reporting that Sony and MGM have gone back to Mendes -- they are now "in talks" -- and it makes all the sense in the world as he directed the highest grossing (and one of the best received) Bond films of all time with 'Skyfall,' which made over a billion dollars worldwide. He also has a good working relationship with Daniel Craig, so there's a lot of positives to him coming back.

But a lot has changed for Mendes since he signed on for 'Skyfall.' Back then, he needed a hit as he was coming off a few films ('Revolutionary Road,' 'Away We Go' ) that didn't make much of an impression at the box office. Now that he's had a big success, he's in the better negotiating position and could likely set up another film without having to go back to Bond. That said, having a hugely successful franchise to fall back on is generally a good thing.

Though Mendes was supposedly close to coming back at one point, most of his statements have downplayed further involvement, though Deadline thinks it's a done deal. MGM is targeting 2016 for the return of James Bond, with or without Mendes.

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