There are many small, "unknown" museums all around Upstate New York. We have tons of intersting history and fascinating stories to tell as a state. But I must admit, this is one of the most unique ones around and certainly one of the best.

Growing up, we always heard about Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops having numbers, but did you ever take a second to think about where the very first troop came from? Well, located in the southwestern corner of Otsego County, NY, you will find the tiny area of Unadilla, NY. And this little special place is home to a museum that is unique, interesting, informational, and amazing. This village is home to USA Boy Scout Troop #1.

Now, you say, how did this little map dot receive such acclaim? We tell the story in words and photographs in this gallery below. But to give you a taste, it all began back in 1910 with the Reverand of a church and five local boys. While other regions also signed up to establish troops in their own areas, that original troop in Unadilla is the only original troop to still be an active troop to this very day.

The next time you are on a road trip through the Leatherstocking Country, don't miss the Troop #1 Boy Scout Museum in Unadilla, especially if you have a little Boy Scout or Girl Scout of your own at home. It has a fascinating story to tell and can be enjoyed by Boy Scouts and parents alike.

A Small Otsego County Village is Home to USA Boy Scout Troop #1

The little village of Unadilla, NY has quite a story to tell. They are home to America's Boy Scout Troop #1. Now, you say how can that be? We tell the story in words and photos from a recent visit to this amazing trove of history.

For more information about this Boy Scout museum in Unadilla CLICK HERE. This is truly one of Upstate New York's great little unknown museums!

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