We're all on different paths, but we're all headed to the same spot. That's the message of "Same Devil," Brandy Clark's new song featuring Brandi Carlile that arrived on Wednesday (Sept. 23). Readers can hear the track above.

The song's first verse takes a bird's eye look at a neighborhood: a dealer sells a baggie to a sex worker whose mother sits at home worried about her daughter, and at a nearby school, there's a bully targeting his gay classmates, including one who's not out to his preacher father. A second verse focuses more on politics and how, no matter which party you support, "they're rollin' in the dough / We're fightin' for scraps."

"Different demons / Same devil," each chorus ends, with Carlile adding light vocal flourishes behind Clark. Cautions the bridge, "He don’t knock, he walks right in / And if you’re not watchin’, you’ll run right into him."

"'Same Devil' is about how we all have different paths, different problems, different addictions, different beliefs that all take us to the same exact places. I really was drawn to the dark and raw quality of the idea," Clark shares. "What Brandi Carlile brought to the song, production-wise and then vocally, made it take on an even darker and deeper tone. It feels explosive to me."

Clark first revealed that she and Carlile had worked together in an interview with Country Queer. The song was recorded during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with the two artists connected via video chat.

"That was really inspiring. Even though the session had to happen over Zoom, with somebody I haven’t been with in the studio, that was exciting," Clark shared at the time, noting that the two had worked on "a couple things" together.

Singer-songwriter Clark — the writer behind hits including Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart" and the Band Perry's "Better Dig Two" — has released three albums as an artist. She's earned a variety of ACM, CMA and Grammy nominations, and won Song of the Year for Kacey Musgraves' "Follow Your Arrow."

Clark released her most recent album, Your Life Is a Record, in March.

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