Brantley Gilbert knows the hard days make the great ones that much sweeter. The country star shares that sentiment in his brand-new song, "Hard Days."

Gilbert co-wrote the ballad with Brock Berryhill, Jay Brunswick and Logan Wall. Produced by Dann Huff, the song is more muted than Gilbert's usual rock-tinged fare — it's even more mellow, musically speaking, than "One Hell of an Amen" — as it, both sonically and lyrically, offers hope.

"If you never had hard days / If you never had a heart break / Never had more than you can take or carried the weight of light on your shoulders / Would you feel like you earned it? / Would you live with a purpose or ever known your own strength?" Gilbert sings in the chorus.

"For me, "Hard Days" is just about taking the good with the bad," the singer shares. "It's about finding hope, or just acknowledging hope and being able to appreciate the bad that leads to the good in your life."

"I hope for you the song offers healing and encouragement in all of the hard times and the hard days in your life," Gilbert adds.

Gilbert recently released a new album, Fire & Brimstone, in October. "Hard Days" is "new-new," not to be found on that project; rather, it's clear that Gilbert hoped to make a timely statement with the track. On Twitter, the artist notes, "This song is about hope and healing ... The world could use a little bit of both right about now."

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