Breland may be a relative newcomer, but the critical acclaim, buzz, and accolades he’s garnered thus far have made him one of the hottest rising stars and highly sought-after collaborators in country music.

Hailing from Burlington Town, N.J., Breland — born Daniel Breland — grew up in a musically talented family. His parents, both ordained ministers, filled their household with gospel music. While they were musically adept, the tightrope balance between supporting their family and full-time ministry work made a full-fledged singing career impossible. But their son caught the music bug and started pursuing it in high school, where he notched his debut performance in front of a live audience. Subsequently, the Georgetown University alumni sang in an a cappella group called the Phantoms.

Fast forward to 2019, Breland’s world turned a complete one-eighty when his debut song “My Truck” blew up on social media and landed on Spotify’s Global Viral 50. That marked the start of a burgeoning music career that followed, putting him on the radar of Music Row executives, tastemakers, and the country music community at large.

Over the short span of his fast-rising career, the newcomer has also joined forces with esteemed stars such as Keith Urban (“Throw It Back”), Sam Hunt (“My Truck”), Rascal Flatt’s Gary LeVox (“All I See”), Nelly (“High Horse”), Thomas Rhett (“Praise The Lord”) and Dierks Bentley and HARDY on their hit, “Beers On Me”. In fact, the feel-good drinking song became Breland’s first-ever No. 1 single on country radio. Most recently, he was also named Amazon Music's newest Breakthrough Artist.

Throughout his collaboration thus far, Breland’s unafraid of showcasing his vocal versatility. With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Rascal Flatts to Drake, it is clear that Breland’s artistic sound cannot be confined to a single genre box. Whether he’s singing with his smooth gospel-trained voice or delivering hip-hop-driven verses, it’s clear that Breland has a versatile vocal range that blends honest storytelling with modern-day genre-bending production, making his music a welcome addition to the format’s sometimes-formulaic sound.

With a debut album due out later this year, The Boot revisits and ranks Breland’s top collaboration thus far. Find out where your favorite lands on the list!

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    From: 'Bettie James Gold Edition' (2021)

    This ebullient pop-leaning song features three-way vocal deliveries and raps from hip-hop artist Lathan Warlick, Jimmie Allen and Breland. It finds the persona eagerly awaiting the day he gets to be the “somebody” in his dream girl’s life. “Sooner or later, gon' need somebody / To be there, hold you when there ain't nobody / At three in the morning when the drinks are running out (running out) I can be somebody,” goes the light-hearted chorus.

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    "High Horse (feat. BRELAND and Blanco Brown)"

    From: 'Heartland' (2021)

    This track is off Nelly’s debut country album, Heartland. Over a disco-pop melody and funky hip-hop beat, the superstar rapper, Breland and “The Git Up” hitmaker Blanco Brown share in envy of an attractive girl who’s still up on her high horse. “Get up off of that high horse / Get up off of this train / Get up off of that high horse / And drop that thing on me.” they sing on the jaunty chorus.

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    "Throw It Back (feat. Keith Urban)"

    From: 'Throw It Back - Single' (2021)

    On this energetic song, the two genre-benders come together to meld the best of country, rap, and hip-hop together. Over banjo plucks and chest-thumping synth beats, Breland spits in the chorus with unabashed swagger, “If she get a shot of whiskey, she know how to throw it back / She turn up for Elvis Presley, told the DJ, ‘Throw it back’ / She look better every Thursday, she don't have to throw it back / Shawty got me catching feelings, I just hope she throw it back.”

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    From: 'Tiera' EP (2021)

    This is a Breland track that flew under the radar in 2021. In this romantic tune with Tiera, the two country newcomers trade verses and harmonize over a lighter-than-air, breezy melody. “You're putting miles, miles / Miles on my heart / You keep putting miles, miles / Miles on my heart / And I'm loving it, baby,” they sing on the chorus. This is definitely one that’s perfect to blast down the road on a laid-back summer road trip.

  • 6

    "In The Woulds (feat. Chase Rice & Lauren Alaina)"

    From: 'BRELAND' EP (2020)

    Serving as one of Breland’s earliest collaborations, this vibrant number narrates the ambivalence that sometimes comes with young love. The lyrics capture the dreary push and pull tension of a blossoming romance between two people who, though clearly heads over heels for each other, can never make it past the would-be's of a dream-come-true relationship.

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    "My Truck (feat. Sam Hunt) - Remix"

    From: 'BRELAND' EP (2020)

    This hip-hop-inflected RIAA Platinum-certified tune was the rocket that launched Breland’s career. Originally released in 2020, the singer enlisted country-pop superstar Sam Hunt for a remix version in 2021, elevating “My Truck” to new heights. This particular rendition landed on several laudable best-of-the-year lists, including The New York Times' top tracks of 2021.

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    "All I See"

    From: 'One on One' EP (2021)

    Here, Breland joins Rascal Flatts frontman Gary LeVox to deliver a heart-rending Contemporary Christian song that hits home for many. It chronicles the struggle many believers face when they’re overwhelmed with stress, uncertainty, and worries. Instead of remaining fixated on their plight, the singers choose lean on God in complete surrender to guide the way. "Take this phone and this home / And the cars and the bars / And every single thing that I don't need / Focus my eyes, Lord / 'Til you're all I see," the pair harmonize on the emotionally-driven chorus.

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    "Beers on Me"

    From: 'Beers on Me - Single' (2021)

    Breland received his big break on country radio with this No. 1 song, which he shares with Dierks Bentley and ACM Songwriter of the Year, Hardy. With an uptempo commercial country production, the singers celebrate friendship and clock out from the stresses of the world with a freshly-cracked cold one. “Come on down, swing on by / Bring whatever's been on your mind Locals on tap and bottles on ice / Livin' on feel-good standard time / My card's on the bar, you got nowhere to be / If you don't come through, buddy, that's on you / 'Cause the beer's on me,” goes the buoyant chorus.

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    "Praise the Lord (feat. Thomas Rhett)"

    From: 'Praise the Lord - Single' (2022)

    Breland and Thomas Rhett brought the house down at the 2022 ACM Awards with this one. Not every artist can translate the energy of a studio recording of to the stage, but the pair did that, and more. Drawing on their gratitude-filled heart, Breland and Rhett celebrate and thank God for all the little things in life. “Praise the Lord for southern women, Hemi engines, crispy chicken / Praise the Lord for east Atlanta, Country Grammar, and my nana / Praise the Lord that I got everything I want and need and more / I might turn up on Saturday, but first thing Sunday morn I praise the Lord,” they proclaim proudly before Rhett goes on to “praise the Lord for [his] three babies and one that’s on the way.”

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    "Cross Country (feat. Mickey Guyton)"

    From: 'Cross Country (feat. Mickey Guyton) - Single' (2021)

    If there is a one Breland song that encapsulates the phrase “three chords and the truth,” this would be it. Instead of bellyaching, Mickey Guyton and Breland tell the unvarnished truth of their endeavors to fit in with conviction and triumph. Determined to not be boxed up in a one-dimensional world, they choose to follow their heart and find where they truly belong. “'Cause I know it's okay to be in my own lane / When I'm doing what they said can't be done I'm going cross country I won't stop running 'til I find where I belong,” Guyton and Breland sing on the autobiographical tune. Whether you’re a dream-chaser or someone trying to find your place in a world of naysayers, this song’s for you.

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