Brent Cobb has turned his song "Little Stuff" into a children's book. Little Stuff is due out on June 20 -- Father's Day 2021.

"Each album I’ve made since [my major-label debut, 2016's] Shine on Rainy Day has been written with my kids in mind. I’ve always wanted to make sure they knew where Daddy’s heart was in the event something happened and I wasn’t around anymore," says Cobb (quote via MusicRow), echoing something the singer-songwriter told The Boot upon the October release of his newest album, Keep 'Em on They Toes.

"It was that same inspiration that inspired this book to come to be," adds Cobb. "Also, we were all children once upon a time. Can’t you still remember when all that really mattered was just the little stuff?"

Cobb has two children, a daughter named Lyla and a son named Tuck. They and their mother -- Cobb's wife Layne, a pharmacist who co-wrote the title track of Keep 'Em on They Toes, as well as a song on that album called "Shut Up and Sing" -- appear in a new music video for "Little Stuff," the final song on Keep 'Em on They Toes.

Cobb tells Rolling Stone that he wrote "Little Stuff" to capture an experience he had in Spokane, Wash., after taking psychedelic mushrooms. "You can call it God or angels or whatever you want, but I saw the faces beyond the sky. They look down atcha while they’re making the clouds, and they smile atcha," he recounts.

"They didn’t talk to me, but they looked at me reassuringly like, 'I know. It’s cool, isn’t it?'" Cobb continues.

Delaney Royer animated the "Little Stuff" music video and illustrated the Little Stuff book. The book is being published through Cobb's Ol' Buddy Publishing.

Little Stuff is now available to pre-order via Cobb's official website. In addition to the book itself, fans can also purchase bundles that include Keep 'Em on They Toes or an adult T-shirt, a baby onesie and a koozie.

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