Brett Eldredge's fans hear him like never before on his 2020 album Sunday Drive, and on a record full of honest moments, he says the song "The One You Need" is among the most vulnerable.

Eldredge co-wrote the song with Jessie Jo Dillon and Matt Rogers, after beginning the idea backstage at a concert in Europe. Below, he shares the story behind the song, in his own words.

"The One You Need" is kind of me saying -- it's kind of me giving myself the grace of being, like, hey, I could be that rock, that support, that foundation for someone. I can be strong for somebody, I can be there for somebody, I'm worthy of love -- that kind of thing. "Let me be the one you need" -- I would love to be that for someone.

I think it's really easy to beat yourself up and think, "Oh, I'm not enough, I'm not enough, I'm not enough," and I think to be able to come out and say that was a really powerful thing with this song.

I started wiring that song backstage in Berlin, Germany, before a show, and I came back to nashville and really knocked it out with Jessie Jo Dillon and Matt Rogers. It's just a really special song, and it's a really vulnerable song.

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