Brett Eldredge's 2020 album Sunday Drive opens with "Where the Heart Is," a searching song co-written by the singer with Jessie Jo Dillon and Tyler Johnson. The track is one of three that Eldredge shared when Eldredge announced his new record on April 17.

Ahead of that announcement, Eldredge spoke with The Boot and other media members about Sunday Drive, which will be his fifth studio album. Below, he shares the story behind "Where the Heart Is" in his own words.

With "Where the Heart Is," that's very much the mission statement of this album, which is kind of [channeling] the journey that I went on and the search that I went on throughout this album, of kind of finding who I was and trying to find the magic of music again and the magic of what it felt like when I first moved to town a little bit.

And, you know, there's lines in there, like, "Do you remember when you felt the summer? / Do you remember when you felt the rain down on your skin? / Where'd you lose your sense of wonder / That firework going off in your head?" -- you know, that kind of line. That's the whole mission of this album, was to find that myself, and I really have, and I think it's a continuous process, but it was huge for me on that front.

So I did that, and then it grew into this kind of song that, I think, brings people together as well with the chorus: "Where the heart is / Where the heart is ..." and everybody kind of singing back. And it just kind of, at a time where we need connection with each other, I think that this is a really special song for that, and throughout any time, and so I think that's a powerful song for this record.

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