Arkansas-born singer-songwriter Charlotte Leigh has a brand-new music video to share. Press play above to watch her "Glimpse of Heaven" clip, premiering exclusively on The Boot.

The "Glimpse of Heaven" video follows three diverse couples, all of whom show how the feeling and emotion of love is an incredibly powerful thing. Leigh also appears in the clip, delivering the song's straight-from-the-soul lyrics.

Co-written by Leigh with Zac Brown Band member Matt Mangano and produced at Southern Ground Studio in Nashville, "Glimpse of Heaven" was inspired by a relationship with someone who "had the characteristics of someone who I would want to spend forever with," Leigh tells The Boot. It took a while for her to write the song, however.

"I wanted it to be perfect, so I held onto it for a very long time," Leigh says, adding that Mangano turned out to be just the co-writer she needed: "I thought he would be the perfect person to help me deliver the story in the best way possible -- and that he did."

Given how invested Leigh is in "Glimpse of Heaven," she knew its music video, too, had to be just right. "I wanted to portray the gospel side of the tune while also portraying the kind of love that [it] is written about in the song," she says. Director Dylan Rucker and the 254 Collective were the right people to bring the concept to life.

"The original idea was to portray love as a spiritual emotion and the idea of how incredible it is when you find that spiritual kind of love in someone," Leigh explains. "This kind of love is one that overtakes everything."

A native of Little Rock, Ark., Leigh now resides in Nashville, and counts, among others, Coldplay, ZBB and Miranda Lambert among her influences. Keep up with her at

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