Is Chris Young the hero or the one in need of rescuing? In a new, unreleased song called "Rescue Me," he's a little bit of both.

Young shared a snippet of "Rescue Me" on Facebook on Wednesday (Feb. 10), noting that the recording is "just a demo," but asking fans for feedback. Over a midtempo beat, Young professes that he "could be your Superman ... if you'd let me."

"But tell me, who is gonna rescue me? / 'Cause it sure feels like I'm kryptonite / How you got me on one knee, with my hand out beggin' for mercy," he counters later, however. "Yeah, what's a happy ending if I can't get the girl? / What's it matter if I save the world if you don't promise me before you take this ring / And rescue me ..."

Fans have been awaiting a new album from Young for years now. His last full-length project, Losing Sleep, arrived in 2017 — though the singer has shared plenty of new music since then. Three singles — "Raised on Country," "Drowning" and, most recently, a collaboration with Kane Brown called "Famous Friends" — have arrived from a forthcoming project.

Additionally, Young has teased a number of potential tracks via social media, including "In It" and "If That Ain't God," the latter of which he then released in full based on fans' responses. In 2019, the singer explained to Taste of Country Nights that he prefers to share unreleased songs in that way, rather than playing them live.

"The first thing I want people to hear — like, the very first time they sit down — is the actual recording of the song, because you have spent so much time going through and making the mix and making sure its mastered the way you want it," Young says. "I really want people to hear that first.”

Reportedly, Young's next album will be titled Raised on Country.

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