Clint Black has announced the upcoming release of his 23rd studio album. The country icon is set to drop Out of Sane on June 19.

On the forthcoming record, Black will stay true to the talents that established him as one of country music's most lauded traditionalists. Out of Sane showcases his signature lead guitar and slide guitar work on 12 tracks, all produced by Black himself. In signature fashion, 11 of the 12 songs on the album were co-written by Black, with a little help from long time collaborators and friends Steve Wariner and Hayden Nicholas, as well as Rivers Rutherford, who co-penned "With Love."

​"Out of Sane is made up of all original songs, except for one cover. I recorded it with a varied collection of musicians; some from my band and some with session players," Black shares. "I believe it's one of my best albums ever, and I think my fans will love it. They've been asking for new music for a while, and I'm thrilled to finally be able to deliver after five years since the last studio album."

Indeed, the Grammy-winning Black has kept fans waiting patiently for new music. Out of Sane is Black's brand-new studio album since 2015's On Purpose. The project follows 2019's Still Killin' Time, which celebrated Black's 30th career anniversary and featured eight live recordings of his hits and two re-purposed studio recordings from his standout debut album, Killin' Time.

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In advance of this summer's album, Black has already revealed its first single, "America (Still in Love With You)," along with a new music video for the track, which readers can watch above. The song is a love letter to Black's native land, and its video is in lock step with that message, featuring patriotic iconography (the Statue of Liberty, our armed forces and the American flag, for example) alongside images of some of the more trying and difficult times Americans have shared (Hurricane Harvey, the Civil Rights Movement and 9/11).

"I wrote 'America' with my buddy Steve Wariner, right before the [COVID-19] shutdown and had intended it to be a song about unity for our country during a heated election season," says Black. "It has taken on new meaning in light of the pandemic."

1. "Hell Bent" (Clint Black, Hayden Nicholas)
2. "My Best Thinkin'" (Clint Black, Steve Wariner)
3. "America (Still in Love With You)" (Clint Black, Steve Wariner)
4. "With Love" (Clint Black, Rivers Rutherford)
5. "Everybody's Talkin'" (Harry Nilson)
6. "Found It Anyway" (Clint Black, Steve Wariner)
7. "A Beautiful Day" (Clint Black, Steve Wariner)
8. "Down to It" (Clint Black, Marty Stuart, Hayden Nicholas)
9. "The Only One" (Clint Black, Hayden Nicholas)
10. "Can't Quit Thinkin'" (Clint Black, Hayden Nicholas)
11. "Find Myself" (Clint Black, Hayden Nicholas)
12. "What I Knew Then" (Clint Black, Hayden Nicholas)

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