With just over a week left until he releases his new album, Cole Swindell says he couldn't wait to release the title track. "Stereotype" arrived on Thursday, March 31.

The song is a declaration to the love of his life, and it's hard not to assume his girlfriend Courtney Little was his muse. After all, Swindell had a hand in writing the song alongside Michael Hardy and Jordan Schmidt.

Each verse paints the picture of a woman who seems pretty predictable. You can count on a "Diet Coke can rollin' around in her Camry," and everyone knows that "her and Casamigos put together equals bad news." And yet, she's an enigma — the moment you've stereotyped her, she surprises you.

Swindell went public on social media with his girlfriend last fall, when he posted a photo of the two of them attending a baseball game. Since then, he has confirmed that Little starred as his lover in the music video for his song "Some Habits." It's unclear when the couple first started dating.

Not only is "Stereotype" the title track, it's also the lead song off Swindell's album, which is set to arrive April 8. Other songs included on the project are "Single Saturday Night," "Down to the Bar" featuring Hardy, and his No. 1 hit with Lainey Wilson, "Never Say Never."

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