With big families and big feasts (and maybe a big fight or two), country stars celebrate the holidays just like we do. Family, friends and hot buttered rum (us too, Jake Owen!) are among country artists' favorite Christmas traditions -- as are some pretty unique ones!

Luke Bryan and his family celebrate Christmas Eve with a dinner fit for a baseball fan, while Kelsea Ballerini and her family spend the night dressed in wacky PJs ... even when they go to church! Cole Swindell has earned the moniker "Dirty Santa Swindell" thanks to his holiday antics, and Chris Young goes so over the top that when he's not sending his family to Disneyland for the holidays, he's annoying his parents with 20-foot-tall yard inflatables!

But perhaps the most unforgettable way that a country star celebrates Christmas comes from Love and Theft‘s Stephen Barker Liles ... and it's definitely more of a touching tradition than a funny one. Since childhood, Barker Liles has celebrated Christmas the same way every year: by turning all the lights out, sharing sweet personal stories and lighting candles.

Press play on the video above to hear Barker Liles explain his special Christmas tradition, and to learn more about some other country stars' unforgettable holiday rituals.

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