When you're a country star, you can celebrate Take Your Child to Work Day almost any day. And when you're a country star's kid ... well, your experience of hanging out while Mom or Dad works is way cooler than most people's!

Country music is a family-focused genre, which means plenty of big-name country stars have worked with their children: Hillary Scott, her parents and sister released a gospel album in 2016; Toby Keith has sung with his daughter, Krystal Keith; and, of course, mother-daughter duo the Judds need no introduction.

But even those artists who haven't collaborated with their sons or daughters have made sure to bring them out on the road for some quality time. Touring means time away from home, which makes the special moments that artists do get to share with their children backstage (and sometimes onstage!) even sweeter.

Flip through the photo gallery below to see how country stars get their kids involved in their careers:

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