Some might call this incident in Delaware County poetic justice with an incident that involved a fugitive from New Jersey. The Delaware County Sheriff's Office reports that on June 19, a call came in that a pickup truck was stuck in the East Branch of the Delaware River in the Town of Colchester. That's certainly a rather unusual circumstance to occur.

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When deputies arrived on the scene, 30-year-old Brian P. Olin of Lavallette, N.J. along with another passenger in the truck had attempted to cross the river in their pickup truck and ended up getting stuck in the river with the vehicle partially submerged underwater and unable to drive out.

Luck was not on Olin's side that day since it turns out he was a New Jersey fugitive being sought by police in Hunterdon County with an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court on a felony drug charge in September 2019.

It's funny how the law has a way of catching up with those to try to avoid it. Needless to say, Olin was arrested at the scene and now, not only does he have to answer for the former drug charges, but in addition, Olin also faces charges related to being a fugitive from justice.

Olin's current residence is the Delaware County Correctional Facility where he will be held without bail until his extradition by New Jersey law enforcement authorities.

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