Americana singer-songwriter David Newbould is giving The Boot's readers a first listen to one of the tracks on his forthcoming new album. Press play below to hear "Long Road to Barstow."

Written by Newbould with Leroy Powell, "Long Road to Barstow" masks its tragic tale with a marching beat and guitar-driven, '70s rock-inspired groove. "Falling off a barstool was all I ever did / I never gave a damn / Just never had a damn to give," sings its narrator in the first verse, before sharing a story of a booze-and-pills-fueled trip that results in a death.

"Barely 10AM / The Death Valley Motor Inn / I parked around the back before I stumbled in / To my $30 room," Newbould sings. "I put the smoke to the fire / Peeling back the curtains, I saw the blood / The blood on the tires."

Listeners never find out if this accidental killer is caught, though he admits, "I feel it in my bones / They're gonna find me, Lord." Still he keeps on driving "down the long road to Barstow," as Newbould's haunting vocals intone at the song's end.

"Long Road to Barstow" comes from Toronto, Ontario, Canada native Newbould's eighth album, Sin & Redemption. It's one of 10 songs on the project, which was recorded at Franklin, Tenn.'s Sound Shelter Studios and co-produced by Chris Tench and Tres Sasser.

"There was a point when we were mixing where I thought, 'Are we really gonna get away with this?' It felt like such a big sprawl of material to tackle," Newbould admits of the record, "but we were all pretty invested in it -- and then it started coming together."

Prior to moving to Nashville in 2009, Newbould left Toronto for New York City, then relocated to Austin, Texas. His most recent new music arrived in 2016, in the form of two EPs: The Devil Is His Name and Live at the Building. "I sing, I play guitar, and I write songs, and I want to introduce people to the sum of all of that -- and I want them to connect with it," he says of his forthcoming new record.

Sin & Redemption is due out on Oct. 18 via Rock Ridge Music. Visit to learn more about the album and his upcoming shows.

Listen to David Newbould's "Long Road to Barstow"

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