Dillon Carmichael is ready to prove that country boys do it better in his new single, "Country Boy Lovin'." Pretty play above to hear the rockin' new track.

"You ain't ever gonna wanna go back to them city lights and that life where you can't see the Big Dipper at night / Yeah, I just might have what you don't know you like," Carmichael promises in the first verse of "Country Boy Lovin'." He co-wrote the song with Thomas Archer and Adam Craig.

“We just kinda sat around and drank a couple beers, cracked jokes and just forgot about writing for a second,” Carmichael tells American Songwriter of the trio's writing sesson. “We were laughing so hard and having such a great time that when we got in the writing room, it just all came out.”

Carmichael brings a bit of '90s country flair on "Country Boy Lovin'," too. A steady drumbeat keeps time throughout the verses, until guitars and fiddle let loose in the uptempo choruses, which name-check Conway Twitty. The fiddle solo and piano-laden bridge, meanwhile, are straight out of the last decade of the 20th century.

"Country Boy Lovin'" is Carmichael's first new music since the release of his October EP, I Do for You.

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