I love it when I run across gems.  Today one of my friends came to me and said, "hey I gotta tell you something."  Then proceeded to tell me the story of drinking lettuce water to fall asleep.  It's just too good not to share.

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I Saw That Drinking Lettuce Water Would Help You Sleep

She told me that she saw a video about how to make lettuce water.  Supposedly the lettuce water helps you fall asleep, and since she has trouble sleeping she thought she would try it.   So off to the store she went to buy a head of green romaine lettuce and a head of red romaine lettuce.

She gets home chops up the lettuce and boils it.   Once boiled she strains the lettuce out and pours the lettuce water in a mug with a little honey.

I swear it looked like black tea.

But how did it taste?

It was actually good.  I liked it.

She starts sipping on the tea enjoying this weird lettuce juice drink.

It hit me all of a sudden, my tummy started gurgling, and that was it.  I ran to the bathroom.

Well now we know, lettuce water is obviously a diuretic, and a laxative at the same time.

OMG, there's nothing left in my body, I pooped it out.  I mean it's all gone. All of it.

Obviously, this can be used as a cleanse.

The original use for this lettuce water concoction was to help with sleep.  So I asked her, did you at least sleep well.

Oh heck no!  I was up at 12:15pm on a dating app, freaking (that really wasn't the exact word she used) lettuce did not work.

I asked her why she would even try that, I mean seriously, ewwww.

I wanted to sleep!

For those of you who thought about trying lettuce water to sleep, you probably want to skip it all together.  I mean, unless you want to be in the bathroom for hours, or you just want to drink your lettuce.

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