In the early 2000s, Earl Thomas Conley recorded a dozen songs he'd written with various co-writers in the early-mid-1990s. On Friday (Sept. 25), those tracks will, for the first time, see the light of day as Promised Land: The Lost Album.

One of those songs, a Conley, Wade Kirby and Randy Scruggs co-write called "Physical Attraction," is premiering exclusively on The Boot. Readers can press play below to hear the newly released song.

"This collection of music was one of Dad’s last endeavors of putting together an album. Here you will find some of his most thoughtful lyrics and heartfelt mementos," explains Erinn Scates, Conley’s youngest daughter. "Dad was a man who wore many hats -- a painter, a craftsman, a sketch artist -- but music, most of all, was his truest passion.”

According to Carole Scates, Conley's longtime significant other, the artist "had always wanted" to release one last album, so Promised Land is a well overdue, and fitting, project. "The sound and composition of these songs reflect the '90s, the time period [in] which they were originally written," she adds.

"Earl Thomas Conley was an artist in every sense of the word. His talent knew no bounds," Scates continues, "and he will remain in our hearts for the rest of our days.”

Listen to Earl Thomas Conley's "Physical Attraction"

Promised Land was produced by the late Nelson Larkin and mixed and mastered by Ron "Snake" Reynolds. Conley recorded its songs at various studios around Nashville.

Promised Land will be Conley's 11th studio album, seven of which he released with RCA Records in the 1980s. In 1982, his song "Heavenly Bodies" began a run of 21 straight Top 10 singles in the next seven years. Conley's career also includes 18 No. 1 country singles, such as "Fire and Smoke," "Angel in Disguise" and "Once in a Blue Moon;" four of his chart-toppers came from one album, 1983's Don't Make It Easy for Me -- a feat no other artist in any genre had achieved to that point.

Conley's career highlights also include an appearance on the TV show Soul Train -- the only country artist to ever perform on the R&B-focused show -- and a Top 20 Blake Shelton song, 2001's "All Over Me," which he co-wrote with Shelton and Michael Pyle. Conley died at the age of 77 on April 10, 2019.

Promised Land: The Lost Album is available for pre-order now. See the full tracklist below.

Earl Thomas Conley, Promised Land: The Lost Album Tracklist:

1. "Better Said Than Done" (Earl Thomas Conley, Charlie Allen Bouton, Nelson Larkin)
2. "Love’s the Only Voice" (Earl Thomas Conley, Carole Scates)
3. "Workin’ My Way Down" (Earl Thomas Conley, Bob Corbin, Bat McGrath)
4. "How Much Heartache" (Earl Thomas Conley, Ron Reynolds)
5. "My Heart's Just Her Old Stompin’ Ground" (Earl Thomas Conley, Ron Reynolds)
6. "That’s What a Fool Deserves" (Earl Thomas Conley, Ron Reynolds)
7. "Takin’ Me Away From the Promised Land" (Earl Thomas Conley, Ron Reynolds)
8. "Those Clouds I’ve Been Walkin’ On" (Earl Thomas Conley, Ron Reynolds)
9. "I Still Love the Girl" (Earl Thomas Conley, Ron Reynolds)
10. "Your Love is Worth It All" (Earl Thomas Conley, Nelson Larkin, Ron Reynolds)
11. "Physical Attraction" (Earl Thomas Conley, Wade Kirby, Randy Scruggs)
12. "She Just Wants to Dance" (Earl Thomas Conley, Ron Reynolds)

The Top 10 Earl Thomas Conley Songs:

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