Here's a great opportunity for you to make some quick cash, just by filling out a survey.

The National Farm Medicine Center has teamed up with The Ohio State University to conduct a new study to better understand farm families. They are sending out a nationwide survey, asking farmers what it's like to take care of children while working on a ranch OR farm.

Milking of a cow

We all know it isn't being a farmer... and it doesn't get any easier raising a family on top of that. This survey is designed to help you, while also putting some cash in your pocket at the same time.

The information gathered from the survey will be used to better develop recommendations for farm organizations, farm service providers, and future policies at the state and national level. All aimed at supporting farmers who are raising children.

Black and white calf at green field

What's Required?

This survey is open to anyone who plays a role in the operation of a farm/ranch, AND is a primary caregiver to children currently under the age of 18. A primary caregiver includes biological, adoptive, foster parenting... along with step parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and more.

Good news for you, the survey also only takes 15-20 minutes to complete. When finished, you will have the option to enter a raffle for the chance to win $50. There will be 50 different winners, all you have to do is provide a mailing address.

Young farmer holding sugar beet and laptop in field

Sound good? I think so! Whether you get the $50 or not, think of the benefits your family could see in the long run from the survey. All it takes is 15 minutes of your time.

Fill out the survey by clicking the link here. If you'd like a paper survey, you can get ahold of Florence Becot at 715-389-9379 or

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