Filmore reflects on the painful limbo between heartbreak and moving on in the new music video for his song "Busy." The clip finds him doing busywork and killing time -- anything to avoid the pain of accepting that a relationship has ended. Press play above to watch the singer's new video, which is premiering exclusively on The Boot.

"Sometimes it can be less painful to simply ignore our heartbreak," Filmore reflects to The Boot. "Whether it is focusing on work or going out with friends, it can be easier to fill your day with activity to avoid thinking about that person. "Busy" is about doing anything but dealing with the inevitable."

No matter how hard a person tries to pack their schedule with activity after a breakup, there's always a moment when they have to go home -- alone. Filmore's "Busy" music video, which was directed by Dusty Barker, is set in that moment. In Las Vegas hotel room with an idyllic view of the city at night, Filmore tidies up, paces the room, stares out the window and strums a guitar. He can't put off dealing with his feelings forever, but in this clip, he can delay the inevitable for a little bit longer, even if he knows it's coming.

Part of what makes the video so painful is how relatable it is: Most listeners have been in this excruciating in-between stage at one time or another. In fact, Filmore says, that listener connection is a big part of what drove the song to be his latest release.

"When we first started performing this live, I heard from so many fans after the show asking if they could have this song because it's all of us ... that state post-relationship where we'll do anything just to avoid the void we feel between when we stop moving and when we start moving on," he explains.

Releasing music based on what best connects in live shows is nothing new for the singer. Over the course of his career, Filmore has built up a grassroots fanbase with high-energy live sets and an eclectic blend of pop and country. "Busy," which Filmore co-wrote with Justin Ebach, follows his fan-favorite single "Slower."

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