The 98 (.1) days of March are over and April is here. It's a new month but we have the same fears. We hear that the next two weeks could be even worse and we think to ourselves, how is that possible?

During this COVID-19 crisis, you are looking for some peace but you can't find it. Where do you turn? You check out cable news to find out what the latest developments are. WHOOPS, big mistake, unless you're watching a Governor's or President's press conference.

I have an idea, take a little time (we seem to have more of that lately), turn off the TV and social media and read the Book. I find that reading the Book gives me peace, joy, and faith.

The world can't take away what the world didn't give you. I find that the world doesn't give me faith but the Book does. I find that faith can change the situation or change me in the situation. 

Use faith as a lens to look through and change your focus. Focusing on the wrong thing can give you sleepless nights and migraine headaches, Try to focus on joy instead of fear.

You may feel fear but don't live in it. I look at it this way, fear may be riding in the car but I won't let it drive. Sometimes what we won't do is as important as what we will do.

Hopefully, that will give you the joy or peace that we all need to get through this coronavirus pandemic...and beyond.

If you're feeling hopeless instead of hopeful, you can always contact the Crisis Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-Talk (8255) where help is always available.

{via Bible]


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