Many people have been enjoying biking and hiking trails that are part of the Oneonta Greenway Project for a while now - The Silas Lane Loop Trail, the New Island trails, and the Mill Race Trail. I have enjoyed hiking the Silas Lane Loop Trail with friends and my dog on many occasions. It's especially amazing in the fall with all the bright foliage colors dotting the landscape and the Susquehanna River's edge. These trails are all part of the Oneonta Greenway Project which has yet to be completed. According to, the finished project would add an additional trail system along the Susquehanna to the group, and all trails would connect. The final resulting trail system would be about 6 miles in length and run in the city and town of Oneonta. The fourth trail which hasn't been created yet would most likely extend to Fortin Park in the town.

The Oneonta Greenway Project has gotten a wonderful needed financial boost from The Future for Oneonta Foundation (FOF), a philanthropic organization that is pledging $50,000 to continue work on The Greenway Project according to FOF's Facebook page.

The Future For Oneonta Foundation relies on donations from community businesses and private donors to fund a variety of things related to enhancing Oneonta now and into its future. Here are some examples of who FOF has given grants to: Oneonta’s First Night and Fourth of July activities, Greater Oneonta Historical Society Fund,
Oneonta Welcome Signs, Foothills Performing Arts Center, Family Service Association, and many more. Learn more about FOF at

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You can learn more about the Oneonta Greenway Project at

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Oneonta, NY is a great place for outdoor recreation with the Susquehanna Greenway Trail. As an ongoing project, there are 3 sections completed in the Susquehanna Greenway for use of the four-section trail system along the Susquehanna River. One of those sections is the Silas Lane Loop Trail which is located just off exit 13 of I-88.

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