Gabby Barrett was excited to land special guests Shane & Shane for her debut album, Goldmine. The Texas-based contemporary Christian duo of Shane Barnard and Shane Everett is one of Barrett's favorite musical acts, and they join her on the faith-focused track "Got Me."

Barrett wrote "Got Me" in Nashville with Barnard, her now-husband Cade Foehner, Zach Kale and Bryan Fowler. The song is a love story, but between Barrett and God rather than two human beings. Below, the country singer shares the story behind the song in her own owrds.

So, Shane & Shane are my favorite Christian artists out there. I've been listening for a couple years now, and they're just literally in my top three of best male singers ever. I was just so excited [to have them on this song], just because I've been listening to them for so long and they do, like, a hymn album and just all these songs about the Lord that I absolutely love and have listened to for years.

And so I had reached out to them over the internet to try and see if they could do a writing session, and Zach Kale had also reached out to them to see if they could do something. And so, one of the Shanes was gonna be in Nashville on a day that we were going to be there, and everybody was available to write. And so we came together: It was me, Zach Kale, um, Cade, actually wrote on this song, too, Bryan Fowler and Shane Barnard.

And so there was five of us in the room, and we just came together and wrote this song, and I really love that I was able to include this on this album just because it's a huge part of who I am, and that's what you want. At least, that's what I want my album to be, is who I am as a person, and so that's kind of where it came from.

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