Hailey Whitters expands the story of "Janice at the Hotel Bar" in her new music video. The clip, which readers can watch above, uses home movie-style footage to delve more into the titular character's story.

Viewers get peeks into Janice's life as Whitters sings the song's advice-filled lyrics. The pair encounter each other in a bar -- Janice as a patron, Whitters as the bartender -- and share drinks in a blue velvet booth as Janice dispenses her wisdom.

Directed by Erica Silverman with creative director Harper Smith, Whitters' new music video was shot in Austin, Texas. The singer-songwriter wanted to make the clip "as rich visually as it is lyrically," and explains in a press release that Silverman and Smith "were able to capture the individual eccentricities that make up the collective female experience in living a life well-lived."

Whitters co-wrote "Janice at the Hotel Bar," from her debut album, 2020's The Dream, with Lori McKenna. The two were inspired by a real-life Janice, who a friend of Whitters' encountered in a hotel bar. "She just dumped all this incredible advice," the singer says of the 80-something-year-old woman.

Following the release of The Dream via her own Pigasus Records, Whitters formed a new partnership with the women-driven Songs & Daughters record label, itself a collaboration between Big Loud Records and songwriter Nicolle Galyon.

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