"The Moose is always going to be one of those animals that God forgot to put a scale limit on."

And this video just gets better from there.

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@Mndiaye_97 is a TikToker with 9 Million followers.

He may look familiar because we've actually shared one of his videos before.

In his most recent video, @Mndiaye_97 discusses the Moose in all its natural glory.

His caption on the video is "I fear moose more than bears and that’s not even a hot take"

In this video, he doesn't hold back a bit and lists all of the reasons why the Moose is the scariest animal in the world.

And here's your language warning, you might want to have the sound on low or use headphones if you're at work or if the kids are around ;)

@mndiaye_97I fear moose more than bears and that’s not even a hottake ##moose##huge##education##interesting♬ Witch Familiar (Classical) [Classic](143628) - dice

I was laughing SO hard when he talked about the "Moosiah".

Obviously, there is not much in this video that is scientifically accurate, and it's more about laughing than it is about real information.

Yet, having had an angry bull Moose come running into my camp before, I CAN agree that they really are huge and can be incredibly scary.


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