We've all heard the expression, "if these walls could talk" and there's a historic home which you can go to in Cooperstown where that saying immediately comes to mind as soon as you walk through the front door. I'm talking about Hyde Hall in Glimmerglass State Park in Cooperstown, NY, a historic neoclassic estate that was once the home of Englishman George Clarke (1768-1835) and his family. The estate has been maintained and open as a museum to the public by The Friends of Hyde Hall.

According to hydehall.org Hyde Hall has been haunted for over 150 years and its reputation of being the home of paranormal activity reached the producers of the popular SyFy channel television show, Ghost Hunters®, who came and filmed an episode of the show which aired on October 30, 2013 (Halloween Eve). Not only did I see that show, but I also went on a very spooky ghost tour at Hyde Hall a few years ago and not only loved it, I will swear that I felt someone touch my arm while on the tour and it's important to reveal that NO ONE was anywhere near me when I felt the touch on my arm! Was it my imagination gone wild? Who knows, but I do know that the ghost tour was fantastic and enjoyable for families, and especially history buffs. It's definitely spooky, not necessarily scary so you can bring the kids. The cool part is that there are no electric lights on during the tour. Hyde Hall is only lit by a few candles, adding to the mysterious air of the home.

This is the time to sign up for the "Hyde & Shriek! Candlelight Ghost Tour" since Hyde Hall closes for the season at the end of the month. Tickets are $20 each and reservations can be made at HydeHall.org. If you have any questions you can call 607-547-5098 Ext 6.

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