It might seem a little soon to be thinking about your Christmas Tree. Although I do know a few people who think about Christmas all year. I won't name names but you know who you are and I assume your tree is planned.

These tips are more for the Christmas novice. The person attempting a tree on their own for the first time. The pressure of your first tree can be overwhelming. So many decisions and the truth is you are running out of time. Should you get a real tree or an artificial tree? Then you need to decide on modern or vintage ornaments.

Where you can buy Christmas Ornament New and Old in the Hudson Valley

Modern tree ornaments can be found pretty much everywhere. Everyone from Rite-Aid to Target to your favorite craft shop will have lots of choices for you. But what if you want to go vintage? Your places to find tree decoration narrows drastically. Here are my suggestions for finding older-style ornaments for your tree be it real or artificial.


How to Find Vintage Christmas Ornaments in the Hudson Valley

1 - Raid your relative's attics. Chance are there is a box of cast aside ornaments somewhere in a relative's attic or even basement. Sometimes the older ornaments get cast aside for the newer ones so they most likely won't be in the first box you open.

2 - Go to a thrift store. July and then the months leading up to the holiday season are when thrift stores and antique shops tend to fill with older ornament. This is not an adventure you want to put off. I speak from experience. Holiday decorations go fast in stores like these so get out there and get looking.

3 - Check the internet. If money is no object and you are willing to take the chance your ornament will arrive in time for Christmas then looking on the internet is an option. Just realize it might be quicker to find vintage ornaments online but you are going to pay for that convenience.

Thrift Stores and Antique Shops in the Hudson Valley

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Vintage Ornaments and other Christmas Things


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