In my travels, I've noticed certain cultural norms that prevail in pockets of our country. In small, rural towns, there's usually that spot that everyone in town goes to when they just don't feel like cooking. In the Deep South it's the corner gas station where you'll find the best fried chicken you've ever had. (What's up Pak-A-Sak in Walterboro, SC?) The assessment is not mine alone, there's been actual research into why gas station chicken is so good there.

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There's Pizza Upstate?

Here in the northeast, especially in Upstate New York, it's the small town pizza place. These are the places you walk in to, and you know everyone behind the counter, and they know your order. Perhaps they keep it a secret that you just love anchovies and pineapple on your pie and quietly keep their judgment to themselves. Even towns that seem to struggle in the modern era have that local pizza joint.

Where Does One Go?

There are lists upon lists of what the best pizza in Upstate New York is, was, might be, or could be in the future. But to Hades with all that. I decided to look outside the box and ask YOU, dear reader where in your town people gathered for a slice or a pie to go.


Once I put this query forward notifications started blowing up as I expected them to. I know this is a...wait for topic. Even though I get around, and write about food, it's impossible to know all of what's out there. This list was generated by Facebook comments, if any were missed, please blame the hivemind.

Small Town Chenango, Otsego, and Delaware County Pizza Joints

A list of pizza places in our small towns that provide food in a pinch.