You know the feeling. You get out the door in time. Your coffee tastes amazing, the kids are off to school, and your commute has commenced. You're humming along at a solid clip and whammo - someone in front of you is doing well under the speed limit and it's a double yellow line for miles.

What if I Ride, What if You Walk?

Ok, so this is my story on an almost daily basis, whether or not I'm heading to work, or to round up groceries during the weekend. I live out in the far reaches of eastern Otsego County, near the Schoharie border and hoof it to Oneonta to entertain you on a daily basis, dear reader. While it's probably quicker and more efficient to take I-88, I take Route 7. It's nice first thing in the morning to drive along the rolling hills with farms, cows, and other rural accoutrements. I like to set my cruise control to a reasonable speed, and leisurely roll on.

That is until I encounter what I like to call a poker.

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The Little Old Lady From Pasadena

In my parlance, a poker is one who is a slow poke, and seems to be driving in their own world. By no means am I a fast or aggressive driver! My wife and kids complain that I drive like a retiree on Sunday in Florida. For some reason, I continually find myself behind other motorists driving slowly. Most commonly, and this is the part that baffles me, they drive an average of ten miles per hour under the posted speed limit. Bonus points for when they speed up right at the passing zone. There must be some kind of conspiracy alert when I leave the house. There's an older lady that I encounter almost on a daily basis who drives exactly 38 in a 55, and pulls over inappropriately to let the amassed line of cars pass, sometimes it can be a bit scary.

Don't Drive Yourself Crazy

The key word if you drive Otsego County back roads is patience. There may be very good reasons why someone is driving slow. Don't be a jerk and tailgate, honk or flash your high beams. Not only is it rude and dangerous, it's potentially illegal.

Do you drive under the speed limit? Tell us why in the comments.

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