The Appalachian Trail spans nearly 2,200 miles across 14 states, with thousands of oak trees lining the trek. There's only one tree designated the largest oak along the trail and that honor belongs to the Dover Oak in Pawling, New York.

The Dover Oak is over 20 feet in diameter and 114 feet tall when last measured in 2012 when it was added to the New York State Big Tree registry.

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Dover Oak Inched Out as Biggest in New York State

At the time, the Dover Oak also ranked as the largest white oak tree in the state with 397 points in state registry. It lost its top oak status in 2021 when a tree in Columbia County edged it out with an extra inch in diameter and nine feet in height.

A lot can happen in 12 years, though. Hey, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), can we get a new measure on the Dover Oak?

How Old Is the Dover Oak?

In addition to being the largest oak tree on the Appalachian Trail, the Dover Oak is also likely the oldest.

Many online articles around the Dover Oak cite its age at 300 years, but Jim Close, the NYSDEC staffer who nominated the tree, put the age closer to 150 years when he spoke to the Poughkeepsie Journal in August of 2012.

The Dover Oak is located where the Appalachian Trail crosses West Dover Road and is virtually right on the roadway.

The roadway near the tree is often lined with cars during good hiking weather, as that section of the Appalachian Trail leads to a popular overlook known as the Cat Rocks.

The Dover Oak often becomes a popular photo spot because of its accessibility.

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