Country stars shared plenty of new music videos this week, from a touching testimonial to a love that spans decades to an intimate reflection on a young life cut short, and much more. Read on to watch them all!

Jake Owen, “Homemade”:

Jake Owen's music video for "Homemade" is a recreation of his grandparents' beautiful relationship -- one that's 70 years old (and counting!). He stays true to their story, which sounds, fittingly, like one from a movie. On Instagram, Owen explains,

"My grandfather saw my grandmother in Mumfordville, KY walking down the street. He took a picture of the house she went into on his old camera and decided to write her letters in the 1940s...They became pen pals, and next thing you know, their grandson is remaking a video of their beautiful love story 70 years later." He adds in a press release, “My grandparents' story and how they met is truly the American love story. When I think about the love that people have had together, and I think about their story, there are plenty of songs that could be written about the love they share together." -- CV

Tenille Townes, “Jersey on the Wall”:

Tenille Townes’ single, “Jersey On The Wall,” asks big questions about tragedy, and she explores death and life's hardest questions in the beautiful, open and unafraid song. The music video, directed by Mason Dixon, was purposeful in "leaving space ... for people to insert their own emotions and think of people in their own stories," Townes explains. "There’s an anchor of light coming in through the gym window, across the lockers and in the hallways that represents the ever-present hope that is still there, even in the darkest of losses."

The video also has an extremely personal touch as two of the late students who inspired the song contributed something in their own way: "We were able to use the actual jerseys of Danielle and Drayton, who were both the inspiration behind this song. It was so emotional seeing both of their #9s hanging there during the video shoot and it means so much to have their jerseys be such a big part,” adds Townes. -- CV

LoCash, “One Big Country Song”:

LoCash's “One Big Country Song" scored the duo's biggest add date, and the music video for the song is just as memorable, thanks to talented director TK McKamy. With the help of special effects, viewers will see people from several different walks of life come together for some fun. “Our goal for the video was to somewhat extend the sing-along moment that this song creates in our live show and capture the feeling of bringing people from every walk of life together to enjoy a moment,” says LoCash's Preston Brust. “TK McKamy ... had the know-how and the excitement to bring it all together and drive it home. He’s the man – we’re so proud of the end result.” -- CV

Kelleigh Bannen, “Diamonds”:

Country singer-songwriter Kelleigh Bannen has released the music video for “Diamonds,” and the video's concept was inspired by the one and only Marilyn Monroe and her performance of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." Bannen says in a press release, “We spent the day just trying to figure out how to make [‘Diamonds’] both about the bling, but also about the kind of love that makes you wanna put a ring on it." Wearing a plaid suit, bralette and diamond earrings (of course!), Bannen shows off a sultry side in the Carlos Ruiz-directed project. -- CV

Cole Swindell, “Right Where I Left It”:

Cole Swindell's "Right Where I Left It" music video goes back to Swindell's roots in Bronwood, Ga. Throughout the video, Swindell gives viewers a look at some meaningful people and places including his high school Terrell Academy (where his graduating class consisted of 23 students), his mom Betty Carol Rainey, old friends, the small town's beautiful farmland and more.

“I’ve always been so proud of growing up in Bronwood, Georgia,” says Swindell in a press release. “I left Bronwood to go to college and then left Georgia altogether to chase this dream of becoming a songwriter and an artist and travel the world. I feel so blessed to have been able to do and accomplish all I have, but it didn’t take long for me to realize none of it would have been possible if it weren’t for where I grew up, the way I grew up and the people I grew up with. l tells , "To go back now and see one of my high school quarterbacks that was a few years ahead me, his son is now playing football and he is in the video." As for his mom's cameo, Swindell says, "She is only in a couple of shots, but… when I hug her in the video, it says everything I want to say. I would not be here without her. What a special lady. She deserves so much. She has taken care of me my whole life, and now I get to take care of her. There is no better feeling in the world" ( Quote via ET). -- CV

Rachel Reinert, "All We Have": 

Rachel Reinert says the video for her latest single, "All We Have," gave her chills the first time she ever watched it. Filmed almost entirely in one take, the artist says capturing the essence of the song in a single, magical performance was a challenge, but a rewarding one, which delivered the message she intended with the poignant lyrics. "Life isn’t about what you have or own, it isn’t about fame or success or material objects, it’s about who you are at the end of the day," Reinert tells CMT. -- LS

Jackson Michelson, "Stay Over":

The dramatic video for Jackson Michelson's latest single, "Stay Over," paints the picture of a couple divided by a door in the middle of nowhere. "I love this video because it captures the honesty and reality of what it looks like to be in a relationship that can’t stay over.” Michelson says in an interview with Billboard. Directed by PJ Brown, a pair of dancers agonize over the separation that Michelson's lyrics describe, in a hopeless cycle of breaking up and making up again. -- LS 

Dee White, "Crazy Man":

Dee White celebrates the redemption of love later in life in the music video for "Crazy Man." Preparations for a party in a room filled with flowers and balloons and an "I Love You" banner play out, as a man gets ready to greet the one who saved him from the crazy life he once knew. -- LS

Ben Danaher, "The Match":

A particularly elusive cloudless Nashville sunset creates the backdrop for the music video of Ben Danaher's new song, "The Match." Danaher said filming the video was a challenge for director Ryan Nolan. “I was a bit skeptical on the day, because it had rained all morning but by the time we got out there to shoot we were able to nab one of the best sunsets we have had all year," Danaher tells Billboard. -- LS

Austin Jenckes, "Never Left Memphis":

Animated by Delaney Royer and directed by Dylan Rucker, the music video for Austin Jenckes’ latest single was inspired by Bruno Mars’ video for “That’s What I Like,” but in Jenckes' case, set to animated Memphis visuals. “This was the most fun I’ve ever had shooting a video,” the singe says in a press release. “Now, I know I could always be an air guitarist if my artist career doesn’t work out!” -- LS

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