"Now We're Gettin' Somewhere" is the lead single from James Robert Webb's 2020 self-titled debut album. The song was written by Shawn Camp, Taylor Dunn and Wynn Varble, and came to Webb through his producer, Buddy Cannon.

Below, Webb shares the story of how "Now We're Gettin' Somewhere" made its way to him, and why he thought the song was right for him. Read on to hear the story behind the song, in Webb's own words.

I was looking at songs for this album, and I found out that I was gonna be working with Buddy Cannon, I just kinda had a feeling, kind of almost immediately, like, he was gonna have a song that he'd had for a while. And this was the first song that he played for me that I just loved, and I thought it was perfect for me, for who I am as an artist.

"Now We're Gettin' Somewhere," to me, just captures that sweet innocence of teenage dating. You know, it's like, a guy asks a girl out, she says yes, then you're on the date, and it's -- everything's kinda icy, and you're like, "I thought you said yes." And then, somebody makes a move or somebody bends a little bit, and the whole atmosphere changes, like, "Damn, now you're gettin' somewhere."

WATCH: James Robert Webb Shares the Story Behind "Now We're Gettin' Somewhere"

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