Justin Fabus' new song "Run" sounds like a love song — and it sort of is. It's also a song about faith — but perhaps not in the way you might at first think.

That "sweet girl" about whom Fabus sings? It's his French bulldog Reyna, who was paralyzed when he rescued her during the COVID-19 pandemic. The artist was told she'd never walk, but he had faith she would — and, now, she's not only walking, she's running.

Fabus channeled his hope and faith regarding Reyna's situation into "Run," though he wrote the lyrics to be a bit more universal: He could be singing about a long-lost friend or family member, or a potential love interest. Up-and-coming family trio Chapel Hart add harmonies, giving the choruses a gospel choir feel.

"Run" is the first single from Fabus' forthcoming new EP, The Aftermath. The five-song project is due out on Aug. 19, but will be available to pre-order on iTunes on Thursday (July 8), with "Run" as an instant-grat track.

The Aftermath is a reflection of where we are now. The songs may tackle difficult themes, but there’s a positivity that shines at the end of each track," says Fabus of his new project, which follows 2020's Shelter From the Storm. It's the first release on which the artist wrote all of the songs on his own.

On the scene since 2013, Fabus is a Pittsburgh, Pa., native who released his major-label debut album, Remedy, in 2018. Visit JustinFabus.com to keep up with his goings-on.

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