The past few hours have been thrilling ones for Brits (and royal family fans everywhere) with the news erupting due to the announcement of the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy. It seems to us at TheFW that the excitement surrounding this majestic fetus can only be likened to the arrival of Princess Aurora in 'Sleeping Beauty' where everyone wants a share in the celebrations. Or perhaps the birth of baby Jesus. (Come on guys, it’s nearly Christmas…)

The question is, what will happen now? These are our guesses:

1. A boost in sales of baby books with titles like 'What to Expect When Kate’s Expecting' and 'Prince Harry's Guide to Being a Rockin' Uncle.'

2. The rumor mill will go wild with inside knowledge on every detail of the pregnancy, namely whether or not ‘royal baby’ will be "A Little Princess" or "Un Petit Prince." Another name could be "tabloid goldmine."

3. A surge in the popularity of "monarchical" names like Elizabeth or George in the hope that Will and Kate will choose the same and you can forever say “I GOT THERE FIRST!”

4. Fashion magazines running multiple features on "Kid Couture Fit for a King."

5. Speculation regarding the first words of the future "King (or Queen’s) Speech."

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