Miami, Fla.-born singer-songwriter Kaylee Rose is sharing her bubbly new self-love anthem, "Me Before You," exclusively for readers of The Boot. The new single finds Rose dusting herself off after a breakup, getting back in touch with the "cool as hell" person she was before love and heartbreak. Press play below to listen.

""Me Before You" is a song about self-empowerment and embracing being happy in life with or without someone," Rose reflects. "As personal as this song is, I've also realized how much it can relate to other people as well."

The singer goes on to say that "Me Before You" can speak to anyone who's spent enough time in their relationship to fall a bit out of touch with their single selves. While losing a longtime partner can feel like a huge loss, the lyrics of this song don't focus on the negative aspects of a breakup; rather, Rose revels in the process of rediscovering herself.

"When you're in a long relationship, it can be hard to remember the life you had before that person walked in. The message of this song is very empowering, and I hope it can help people through tough heartbreaks like it did for me," she explains.

Rose co-wrote "Me Before You" with AJ Babcock, who also co-produced the song alongside Curt Gibbs. It's the first of a series of new releases Rose has planned for 2020, setting the tone for the singer's dynamic blend of country, pop and hip-hop influences. Fans can keep up with Rose's plans for the year at

Listen to Kaylee Rose's "Me Before You"

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