Kip Moore's "How High" celebrates that euphoric feeling a good love can bring. The country star released the new song early Friday morning (Jan. 15).

Written by Moore with Bobby Terry, Luke Dick and Westin Davis, "How High" features a twinkling melody, unique from any of Moore's previous work. That's not to say it's completely out of his realm, but a pulsing beat and echoing calls of "that's how high, how high, how high I get on you" set this one apart.

"It's your eyes, it's your touch / It's tonight, it's your love / It's the ride and it's the rush / It always feels just like a drug," Moore sings in the chorus. "Take me there, take me on / Let down your hair, anything I want / Yeah, I need you like the air / Girl, I swear you keep me stoned."

"How High" is one of four new songs that will be on the deluxe edition of Moore's 2020 album, Wild World, which is set for release on Feb. 12. He released another of those four songs, "Don't Go Changing," in late October, with a music video that spotlights some of the Nashville music venues that are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As he released Wild World early in the pandemic, Moore has yet to tour in support of the record; however, that hasn't stopped him from creating even more new music -- a full album's worth, in fact, he shared late last year.

"I've written a whole 'nother project that no one's heard. I set up a studio at my house, and for a month straight, that's all I did, was write and record," the singer reveals. "And that's all I did out in the desert, when I was just out there in Arizona — I was writing every single morning and mountain biking and rock climbing during the day."

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