Rising country star Ingrid Andress got the chance to collaborate with two of her musical heroes when Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman chose her as the up-and-comer they wanted to collaborate with for their contribution to "Five Decades, One Voice," a celebration of women in country music to mark Cracker Barrel's 50th anniversary.

According to People, Fairchild and Schlapman invited Andress to join them for three performances: A cover of the Dixie Chicks' "Wide Open Spaces," LBT's own recent release "The Daughters" and Andress' newest single, "More Hearts Than Mine." The two iconic performers first became fans of Andress after watching her perform her song "Lady Like" at a showcase in 2018.

Andress tells People that she "rehearsed the crap" out of each of the three songs before the collaboration -- even her own. "I practiced 'not fan-girling' in the mirror," she adds.

Press play above to watch the result of all that preparation. In their rendition of "More Hearts Than Mine," Andress sits at the piano and takes lead on the songs vocals, while Shlapman and Fairchild lend their trademark harmonies to the song's chorus.

"More Hearts Than Mine" is a ballad that meditates on the vulnerability of opening up to love -- and along with it, heartbreak. Andress admits that the song's sensitive subject matter is a little out of her comfort zone. In fact, she says, she initially thought about flipping the narrative, and writing a song about not wanting to meet a partner's family for fear of breaking their hearts, instead.

"Originally, the thought was the way the song is now, but then I didn't wanna be that vulnerable. I was like, 'How about we do it where I'm the heartbreaker? That's more accurate.' And [my co-writers] were like, 'Can't you be vulnerable for two seconds?'" Andress recalls.

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