Little Big Town's new song "Sugar Coat" reflects on the pressure to keep life picture perfect, even when it's anything but. The song, released on Friday (Nov. 22), is accompanied by a telling music video, starring actor and producer Kate Bosworth.

Written by Lori McKenna, Josh Kerr and Jordyn Shellart, "Sugar Coat" is sung from the point of view of someone who has that Instagram-worthy "home sweet home" -- but not the love that should come with it. The lyrics, which play on the verb "sugarcoat" and turn the word into a metaphorical object, express that her poised demeanor is learned from past generations, and that she desires to break free from it.

"Sometimes I wish I liked drinkin' / Sometimes I wish i liked pills / Wish I could sleep with a stranger / Someone like me never will," LBT's Karen Fairchild sings in the chorus. "Sometimes I hardly can stand it / I just smile with a lump in my throat / Sometimes I wish I could bear it / Didn't have to wear this sugar coat."

In the "Sugar Coat" music video, directed by brother-sister duo Stephen and Alexa Kinigopoulos, Bosworth plays a 1960s housewife, who's trying to keep it all together despite the fact that her husband (Isiah Stratton) is very clearly cheating on her. "She is often lonely and unfulfilled -- realizing that she is not getting what she needs from a partner, devastated by the choices that her husband is making," Bosworth explains of her character in a press release.

"As she slowly discovers what is happening, while it’s a sad moment, it is ultimately a resilient one," the actor adds. "She finds her strength, her fortitude, and ultimately herself. It was an honor to bring this song to life with a band that I love.”

"Sugar Coat" is one of 13 songs on Little Big Town's forthcoming new album, Nightfall, due out on Jan. 17. The day before, the country quartet will begin their Nightfall Tour, hitting a number of theaters -- including New York City's famed Carnegie Hall -- through May.

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