By Ron Galley

The second Walton Wellness day took center stage at Veterans Plaza Saturday, as local fitness expert Stacey Stevens, with a strong turnout of local organizations and specialists were on hand with demonstrations to encourage people of all ages on ways to get fit. Besides the many vendors there was food, games and activities for children, with the emphasis on health and fitness
Participants included message therapy with Rachel James owner of A Time to Heal, essential oils, fitness equipment, Karate, Zumba and Ballroom Dance with Kathleen Jones. There was also Karate demonstrations.
When asked what made her decide to bring a wellness day to Walton, Stevens said this is something that is needed for the community, a day focusing on getting healthy, getting fit, with people on hand to demonstrate what to do to improve the overall health and help make Walton  more active and health conscious. The location of Veterans Plaza, according to Stevens is perfect because it is easy accessible, in  the heart of the community, located on Delaware Street. She did say that if the event continues to enlarge, she might  move it to the Delaware County Fairgrounds. Looking ahead Stevens commented, I just want it to become as big as possible, so more people can come out and take advantage of being healthy and well. The idea is to have more people become fit and active, at any age.
When asked about the goal, Stacey said, " I want people to think about their wellness plan and not their cell phone plan". She is concerned about Walton being known as an obese community. When asked how proper nutrition fits into the equation, Stevens remarked, " I always tell people nutrition is number one". Her theory is," if you cannot get your diet under control the exercise is not going to do anything". Stevens is the owner operator of Empowered by You Fitness in Walton.


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