You still have plenty of time to make sure that you have the proper thing to wear to work on May 21st.  A Life Jacket!  This is part of an effort by the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River to help educate the public on the importance of wearing a life jacket while in the water.  The "Wear Your Life Jacket to Work" Day is one of the main events of National Safe Boating Week May 16th thru the 22nd.

I have never heard of this before so I have to get busy.  I currently do not own a life jacket because I have not been out boating since I was a little kid with my grandfather "Cookie." As I started my search, I was met with many choices of styles and colors.  Do I just get a neutral color or do I go bold and acquire a splashy color?  The good news is that I still have a little time to ponder this very important decision.

I can't stress how important water safety is.  I used to grumble when I was younger that I am a strong swimmer so why do I need a life jacket?  I was quickly educated that being a strong swimmer isn't everything while on a wild and scenic River like the Upper Delaware.  Whatever you do on this River, it's about having fun and a day to remember with family and friends.  Wearing a life jacket will help with that instead of a fun family event turning into a tragedy.

May 21st wear your favorite life jacket to work to show your support for water safety.  Time for me to get back to looking for a life jacket so I can not only look darn good but also make a statement for safety.


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