Marty Stuart's "I've Been Around" music video honors his relationship with its writer, Johnny Cash. Press play above to watch the brand-new clip, premiering exclusively on The Boot.

Directed, written and produced by John Carter Cash, son of Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter, the mostly black-and-white "I've Been Around" video features footage from throughout both Stuart and Cash's careers. The former began his time in the spotlight as a teenager, joining bluegrass icon Lester Flatt's backing band in 1973 and, after Flatt's retirement, taking a spot in Cash's own backing band in 1980.

Additionally, "I've Been Around" finds Stuart performing on the steps of Hendersonville, Tenn.'s Cash Cabin Studio, and includes shots of bassist Chris Scruggs adding his parts to the song. The track also features W.S. "Fluke" Holland, Cash's drummer throughout his career, who died in September.

Stuart left Cash's crew in 1985, when he signed a record deal with Columbia, but their paths continued to cross, including during recording sessions for Stuart's 1992 release This One's Gonna Hurt You, to which Cash lent vocals. For Stuart's 1999 classic The Pilgrim, Cash recited "Outro," an excerpt from Alfred, Lord Tennyson's "Sir Galahad."

More personally, Stuart was married to Cash's daughter Cindy from 1983 until 1988.

Stuart's rendition of "I've Been Around" comes from the expanded edition of the Johnny Cash: Forever Words project, originally released in 2018. The collection extends the Man in Black's songwriting catalog with a bevy of new songs -- 16 in the original version and an additional 18, being released in four groups, in the expanded version -- culled from Cash's largely previously unpublished lyrics, poems and other writings and composed and performed by some of the artists he inspired.

"My father touched the world of music in ways still evolving. The original body of work in Forever Words held some of Dad's best unreleased writings, put to music by some of the most prolific artists alive today. But there was more: poetry and lyrics that no one had ever seen, whose depth demanded the continuance of the project. And, with true artists who found melody and beauty in these unseen words, the recordings continued," says John Carter Cash, the project's producer, in a press release. "Looking back now, I feel Dad would be proud to know his voice and spirit carry on here, in these Forever Words."

Johnny Cash: Forever Words Expanded Edition is available for download and streaming now. The final two groups of new material are expected for release on Feb. 5 and April 2.

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