No major injuries are reported after a tractor trailer loaded with unspecified medical supplies rolled over on State Route 17 westbound near the Hancock/Deposit area in the early morning hours of November 22.  

The crash happened shortly before 3:30 a.m. Tuesday at mile marker 280 near Exit 84, which is the exit from the Southern Tier Expressway (future Interstate 86) for Hale Eddy.  

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

The first calls summoning the Hancock Fire Department indicated the driver of the 18-wheeler may have suffered minor injuries.  Minutes later, the Broome County Emergency Services Communications Central Dispatch Center reported no injuries being reported from the scene.

While Broome Emergency Services Communications officials said the truck was off the road, some of the load had spilled, so it took some time to pick up the cargo and clear the wreck. 

Officials got word from the owner of the cargo and/or tractor trailer that the rig was loaded with "medical supplies."  The call did not provide information to authorities as to the nature of those medical supplies, which left open the possibility of anything from bandages, latex gloves and tongue depressors to more sinister items like chemicals or even sharp objects. Minutes after the possibility of hazardous materials was raised, authorities were assured the cargo was not dangerous and posed no hazard to responders.

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While the rollover took the tractor trailer out of the lane of travel, there were some rocks scattered on the road that were quickly cleared and Broome County Emergency Services officials reported a wrecker had cleared the truck and trailer from the scene and fire crews had returned to their station about two hours after the crash was reported.

 New York State Police are investigating the cause of crash.

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