It's been a rough few weeks for NASCAR, but this show of support Monday made it feel a little brighter.

A little backstory: NASCAR officially banned the Confederate flag at all events back on June 10. Bubba Wallace, the only black driver in the top division of NASCAR was the main figure to call for the flag, which has become a symbol of slavery in the eyes of many, to be banned.

This all came to a head when on the same day,
a noose was found in the garage of Bubba Wallace. No fans had access to the speedway, so it had to have been left by someone who had credentials. NASCAR and the FBI are investigating.

And now that brings us to Tuesday, the day of the race (Sunday's race at Talladega had been postponed because of weather).

In a united front against racism, all the other drivers and crew taking part in the race gave Bubba Wallace a massive escort as a show of support:

Bubba Wallace was obviously moved, as he should be receiving such suppport from fellow competitors.

Wallace finished 14th in the ensuing race. After the race, he was interviewed and said, "Sorry I’m not wearing my mask but I wanted to show whoever that you’re not gonna take away my smile and I’m gonna keep on going.”

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